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Signs of pests and diseases will vary from tree to tree. Search our database of pests and diseases for symptoms, damages, life cycle, management, and control information.

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Pest And Disease Blackturpentine Beetle Banner 1440X500 1
Mold or Fungus
Black Turpentine Beetle
The Black Turpentine Beetle is a common pest that affects pine trees throughout the United States.
Pest And Disease Btb Tunneling Banner 1440X500
Sawdust on Trunk
Black Twig Borer
Black Twig Borers are a species of the ambrosia beetle group that are small, round and dark brown/black in appearance.
Pest And Disease Black Vine Weevil Banner 1440X500
Holes or Skeletonization in Leaves
Black Vine Weevil
The black vine weevil is a destructive insect that kills host plants by feeding on their foliage. Larvae are white, C-shaped grubs that feed on plant roots and bark cambium, resulting in yellowing and wilting of foliage, and plant death.
Pest And Disease Borers Banner 1440X500
Trunk or Bark Damage
Tree Borers
Borers are chewing insects, usually in larval stages, that chew and feed on the inner bark and/or wood of trees. Most species are the larvae of beetles.
Pest And Disease Botryosphaeria Banner 1440X500
Dieback or Thinning Canopy
Botryosphaeria Canker & Dieback
Botryosphaeria canker is a fungal disease that infects many trees and woody shrubs, especially if they are already stressed or weakened. It causes cankers and dieback.
Pest And Disease Boxwood Blight Banner 1440X500
Leaf or Needle Discoloration
Boxwood Blight
Boxwood blight is a serious disease caused by a fungal pathogen, Calonectria pseudonaviculata; previously named Cylindrocladium buxicola.
Pest And Disease Boxwood Decline Banner 1440X500
Leaf or Needle Discoloration
Boxwood Decline
Boxwood decline is a condition that causes weak growth, discoloring of leaves and branch dieback in boxwood shrubs. This condition usually involves several factors, including poor planting conditions and improper cultural practices, as well as stem and root diseases.
Pest And Disease Boxwood Decline Banner 1440X500
Substance on Leaf or Oozing
Boxwood Insects & Mite Pests
There are three types of insects and mites that attack boxwoods Boxwood psyllid, Boxwood leafminer and Boxwood spider mites.
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