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Signs of pests and diseases will vary from tree to tree. Search our database of pests and diseases for symptoms, damages, life cycle, management, and control information.

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Leaf or Needle Discoloration
Scale Insects
Scales are sap-sucking insects common on backyard trees and ornamental shrubs. These pests are mostly immobile and appear similar to shell-like bumps rather than insects.
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Leaf or Needle Discoloration
Spruce Spider Mites
Ranging in color from green to orange-red, spruce spider mites are conifer-loving pests that overwinter as orange eggs at the base of needles and twigs. After hatching and molting several times, the adults mate and lay eggs. There can be six to eight generations each season, depending on temperature
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Tick Control
Ticks are small, wingless, bloodsucking arthropods. They burrow their heads into their host and can change drastically in shape, color and size when they become engorged with blood. Ticks have extremely small mouths that usually go unnoticed when they bite.
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Mold or Fungus
Turkey Tails
Turkey tail is a polypore mushroom that gets its name from the variety of colors and shape that resemble the tail feathers of wild turkeys.
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Leaf or Needle Discoloration
Verticillium Wilt
Verticillium wilt is a fungal disease that causes serious injury and often death to its host. It is caused by the fungus Verticillium dahliae and can live in the soil for long periods of time without showing any signs.
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