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  Stream and Wetland Services

Davey Resource Group, Inc. leverages its decades of experience and the latest technology to provide customized and cost-effective solutions for the protection, restoration and creation of wetlands.

DRG’s wetland services range from wetland restoration projects for governmental organizations to compensatory wetland mitigation work for developers. We also obtain permits required to meet applicable federal, state and local regulations.

Our extensive experience with a range of wetland services includes:

  • Wetland restoration and mitigation consulting
  • Wetland permitting
  • Wetland delineation
  • Ecosystem services analysis
  • Environmental forensics
  • Marine and aquatic services
  • Aquatic biology & fisheries studies
  • Lake & stream management
  • Habitat construction and enhancement

We understand each wetlands project is unique. Our dedicated team includes certified biologists, wetlands scientists, arborists and GIS professionals who provide turnkey solutions. DRG is committed to delivering clients the expert wetland services they need and the trusted guidance they deserve.

Read more about our work in Wetland Services in one of our Project Profiles:

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