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  Urban & Community Forestry Services

Davey Resource Group, Inc. was established to nurture and protect natural resources, especially trees and urban forests in communities across North America. Our urban forestry group has expertise and training backed by a company rooted in tree care for more than a century.

The importance of urban forestry

Urban forests come in many different forms: urban parks, street trees, gardens, nature preserves, and more. These urban forests create vital ecosystems that help filter water and air, control stormwater, conserve energy, and provide animal habitat.

DRG works with municipalities, businesses and a variety of organizations to provide such urban forestry services as:

  • Tree inventories
  • Tree preservation and protection
  • Urban tree canopy (UTC) assessments
  • Land cover mapping
  • Urban forestry management planning
  • Urban forestry management software
  • Public education

DRG’s urban forestry consultants include ISA Certified Arborists®, traditional foresters and scientists. Together, we offer a range of professional urban forestry services, from GIS-based tree inventories to urban forest master plans. Our customized approach to each and every project ensures every client receives the ultimate urban forestry solutions.

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