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Tree Assessment Report for Parker Lane Apartments, Austin, TX

Parker Lane Tree Assessment Report

Davey Resource Group was referred by The Davey Tree Expert Company’s Residential/Commercial (R/C) Office in South Austin to provide a tree assessment survey, report, and maintenance recommendations for Foundation Communities, a local nonprofit to Austin, Texas. Following the completion of this project, Davey R/C was hired as the organization’s on-call arborist.

Project Narrative:

Foundation Communities (FC) is a local nonprofit to Austin, Texas, that provides homes and resources to the surrounding communities. FC’s focus is on providing the resources that empower community members to live healthier lifestyles. FC requested support from the Davey Tree Expert Company’s Residential/Commercial (R/C) Office in South Austin to provide a tree assessment survey and support for their Parker Lane Apartment community. Heath Gober, assistant district manager of R/C South Austin, referred Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) for this work and served as liaison and point of introduction between DRG and their existing client.

A DRG International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist assessed the surveyed heritage and protected size-class trees on site, based on a PDF map supplied by the client. This evaluation culminated in a Tree Assessment Report with supporting photos describing the general health and condition of the subject trees. The report included methodology and evaluation of specific trees that correspond with the tree numbers on the survey exhibit.
DRG performed a second round of assessment when further trees were identified and surveyed on the northeast side of the property. The DRG team was quick to respond, mobilize, and complete this task in some part due to the proposal.

After the tree assessments were complete and results were provided to the City, FC re-engaged Davey R/C to submit a proposal for the requisite tree work, such as removals, pruning, and care plans. Heath, of R/C South Austin, was hired as the on-call arborist for FC, in part thanks to the positive experience of this tree assessment report.

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