Posted: February 08, 2023

No matter where you’re located in the country, the advent of spring always brings welcome change. Whether it’s the eagerly anticipated melting of snow or the longer, warmer days, there’s much to look forward to.  

And commercial property managers have the opportunity to welcome spring with open arms, giving their tenants, employees, guests, and visitors that first feeling of the season they’ve been craving.  

But spring doesn’t always arrive in the same fashion every year. Sometimes, it comes in calm, and other times it brings with it a lingering winter or excess rainfall. You never know what you’re going to get.  

Planning ahead for spring conditions is a key element involved in commercial landscape maintenance. And one part of that is looking at the spring 2023 forecast to see what’s expected and how you can best prepare your facility, so it looks good regardless of Mother Nature’s mood swings.  

Predicting the Weather: An Age-Old Dilemma 

When it comes to weather forecasting, meteorologists use computer programs to make estimates and assumptions. Since they can’t collect future data, these predictions are only best guesses. The atmosphere changes all the time, so estimates tend to be less reliable the further into the future one looks.  

But having a rough idea of 2023 spring weather can still help you prepare.  

Over the past 30 years, the mean temperatures have increased in many areas of the U.S. This has caused some regions to shift into a new hardiness zone, meaning some of the plants on your property may not be performing as well as they used to. 

Precipitation has also increased in some regions. While this can be great for plants that don’t mind wet feet, it can cause other issues on your commercial property, particularly relating to stormwater management 

Other regions like the West and Southwest are experiencing a decline in precipitation, elevating the importance of drought-tolerant plants and water management techniques for property managers.  

No matter what specific conditions occur, taking care of your commercial property with consistent grounds management services can keep your turf and landscape healthy, enabling your facility to withstand spring weather shifts.  

Spring 2023 Forecast: What to Expect for Each Region  

As a commercial property manager, you’re always looking for a reliable resource when it comes to weather forecasting.  

The National Weather Service provides a three-month outlook for the U.S., and it’s a great way to keep an eye on what’s around the corner.  

Let’s dive deeper into each region’s spring weather 2023 predictions to give you a better sense of what kind of temperatures and precipitation you can expect: 

Northeast Spring Weather Predictions 

In the Northeast, there will be some variability, but overall there’s a slight chance of warmer-than-average temperatures and normal precipitation.  

Moving closer to the Great Lakes, there’s a 33% to 40% chance for above-average precipitation.  

Midwest Spring Weather Predictions 

The Midwest is expecting warmer temperatures through spring.  

And when it comes to precipitation, the spring outlook says there’s a 40% to 50% chance of above-average precipitation near the Great Lakes and 33% to 40% chance of above-average precipitation in the Upper Midwest.  

Southeast Spring Weather Predictions 

The Southeast is where higher-than-normal temperatures have the greatest chance of showing up. 

The uptick in temperatures, however, should be offset by relatively normal, or slightly above normal precipitation amounts. This should make for a solid start to the growing season.  

Northwest Spring Weather Predictions 

Spring weather conditions may be coming late to the Northwest. The region can expect below-average temperatures, particularly in the far northwestern areas.  

The Northwest may see slightly more precipitation than normal as well.   

West Spring Weather Predictions 

The West appears to have the best chance at average temperatures for spring weather 2023 

Precipitation will also be on par with normal levels in the northern part of the region, but the southern part of the region will experience below-average rainfall.  

Be Prepared for Anything this Spring  

Spring is coming. And while it may come close to the predictions in your region, it might also take a twist and surprise you.  

No matter what spring weather conditions Mother Nature delivers, Davey can keep your commercial property one step ahead of storms and other impacts with these services: 

  • Dormant pruning takes place when your deciduous trees are not actively growing during the winter months, which is an ideal time because a certified arborist can more clearly see the tree’s entire structure. We remove any dead, diseased, or dying branches, as well as those that are growing improperly or could be troublesome in the future. This reduces potential damage from failing branches when the growing season starts and spring storms arrive.  
  • Too much water can harm even the healthiest turf or plants, allowing pathogens to creep in if heavy rainfall isn’t managed properly. For those areas expecting more-than-normal precipitation, stormwater management can help eliminate standing pools of water and soggy, splashy turf areas. These types of solutions can include rain gardens, bioswales, and pavers. 
  • A little prevention goes a long way - and proper fertilization can help keep your turf and other plants healthy, even with some extra rainfall. Plant Health Care programs ensure your trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and turf receive the nutrients and attention they need so they can handle 2023 spring weather. Plant health care combines preventative and therapeutic treatments to provide all of your plants with everything they need to thrive, including targeted fertilization and proper pruning. 



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