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Davey in the News

  • Barking Up the Right Tree The 100-by-100-feet spaces were just native grass areas, but a Davey Tree employee saw possibilities. When faced with a request to build a dog park, Davey project manager Kevin Sharkey began to imagine the spaces taking on a whole different shape—literally. See more
  • University Heights plants trees on Silsby, Washington The four trees the city planted on Arbor Day were just the start of a plan to beautify area streets. See more
  • More Than 40 New National Champion Big Trees Crowned From coast to coast — and an ocean away — some of the biggest trees in the nation have new bragging rights today, as American Forests unveiled the spring 2013 update to its "National Register of Big Trees." More than 40 new trees were declared the biggest of their species today with the release of the National Register, which contains a total of almost 780 national champion and co-champion trees. See more
  • Putting a Dollar Value on that Tree in Your Yard Today being Arbor Day, we thought we would look into the economic value of trees. There are, of course, lots of things you can do with lumber, but what is the value of a living tree? It turns out to be surprisingly high. See more
  • Tree Inventory Is Under Way An inventory is under way to determine the location, species and health of the trees in the city park system. Davey Resource Group, Kent, Ohio, will provide arborists to conduct the inventory at a cost not to exceed $10,000. See more
  • Plant a Tree for Arbor Day ​Hurricanes, storms, ice and extreme temperature fluctuations have taken their toll on the landscape. Many trees have been broken or damaged and need to be removed or replaced. This spring, do something for your family, your home and your community – plant a tree. See more