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greehill & DRG: Smart Tree Inventories
With a Smart Tree Inventory, urban foresters are able to use precise, objective information for targeted inspections and prescriptions.
Why should you prune your trees
Tree Trimming & Pruning
Why Should You Prune Your Trees?
In this video, Jim Zwack, VP & GM of Davey Institute, discusses why you should prune your trees.
Arborist Consultation
Davey Expertise
Arborist Consultation: What to Expect
Learn what to expect when working with a certified arborist to pinpoint proactive steps to help keep your trees healthy and identify potential risks that can cause damage. 
Plant Health Care
Why Should I Fertilize My Tree?
Dr. Dan Herms, Vice President of Research and Development at the Davey Institute, shares why we should fertilize trees.
Mature Tree Care
Landscaping & Property Tips
How To Care For Mature Trees
We'll dispel the myth that older trees don't need as much care and attention and share how you can best care for your tree as it ages.
Vegetation Management
Davey Expertise
Utility Vegetation Management: Impact of Climate Change
Climate change is affecting plants and trees along utility corridors across the country, causing significant impact to the vegetation surrounding utility infrastructure.
Tree Planting 600
Tree Planting & Selection Guide
Benefits of Planting Trees
In this video, we'll explain how a newly planted tree will affect you, your community, and the environment.
Palm Weevil Damage
Insect & Disease Issues
Tree and Palm Pests: Signs & Symptoms
In this video, we discuss what you can do to defend your trees and palms from infestation.
DSC 4331
Landscaping & Property Tips
How to Properly Mulch Around a Tree
Learn the important benefits that mulch can provide with a step-by-step guide on how to properly mulch around a tree.
DSC 8146
Plant Health Care
What is a Plant Health Care Program?
Learn how a plant health care program can help your trees thrive. 
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