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Creating A More Efficient Maintenance Process Through Data Gathering

North American Energy Company

WSSI and Davey Resource Group helped a North American energy company streamline necessary maintenance work through data gathering and mapping.


The Challenge

A major North American energy company acquired natural gas assets in the northeastern and southern U.S. in 2016. This acquisition included tens of thousands of miles of pipeline and thousands of storage wells.

Because there was a shortage of reliable data on these new assets, the company was struggling with budgeting, planning, forecasting, and executing necessary maintenance work for their own operational needs and regulatory compliance. The North American company also believed this data would improve stakeholder and landowner relations.

The Solution

The company recruited Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. (WSSI), a Davey company, to first identify, capture and analyze vegetation in the natural gas pipeline right-of-way in select locations using GIS technologies. Once those projects were well underway, WSSI also began helping the company conduct condition assessments for their gas storage field wellheads.

Initial work for the wellhead projects started in a Midwestern state in October 2018, where WSSI field crews visited natural gas wellheads and digitized vegetation and encroachments using GIS. Access route paths, locations and conditions were documented in detail. Crews verified and updated previously identified land use and vegetation areas to reflect more current ground conditions, and field observations were mapped and photographed and incorporated into the final digital mapping delivery via the GIS database. WSSI coordinated all field work with the client’s local staff throughout the project.

WSSI and DRG experts will perform wellhead assessments in four states within the company’s northeastern region.

The Results

The WSSI/DRG team has conducted vegetation and encroachment assessments for over 890 wellhead locations and over 10,000 linear miles of natural gas pipeline easement corridors, in addition to assessing the condition of over 270 miles of wellhead access roads.

The work was delivered on time and within budget. The company was happy with WSSI’s consistent communication and delivery. WSSI was also able to meet accelerated deadlines. Through this opportunity, WSSI and DRG have earned a good relationship and continuing the opportunity to work with the energy company.

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