Vegetation Management

Visual Inspections

DRG provides visual inspections of both distribution systems and transmission facilities. Our professionals inventory poles and towers to evaluate defects in the structure, document equipment defects, determine right-of-way clearance needs, and record the correct priority code for maintenance action.

We collect all field data in our Rover Data Collection Software, GIS software created by Davey Resource Group, enabling efficient data collection during asset management inspections. All data is then managed in our secure, online database called myRowKeeper where clients can seamlessly access their field data for near real-time decision making.

Pad Mount

Padmount Inspections

DRG inspects and maintains padmount transformers to ensure the facilities are operating safely and efficiently. Our professionals administer an interior and exterior visual inspection, thermal inspection of cable and accessories, and an inventory of pad-mounted equipment data. DRG is also equipped with the tools to execute repairs, such as installing structure labels or fitting protective post sleeves. All inspection data is maintained in our Rover Data Collection Software and shared through myRowKeeper.


Infrared & Ultrasonic

Overheated electrical equipment is often one of the first signs of an impending outage. (DRG) proactively inspects your electrical facilities to save you from the potential safety hazard and cost burden of equipment failures.

DRG uses an advanced thermal imaging infrared camera (FLIR T-640) to provide reliable inspections of utility infrastructure. Our certified thermography professionals perform a holistic scan of various equipment across the utility’s system.

Once we locate a priority spot, we capture a visual light image and thermal picture of the hotspot to indicate exactly what piece of equipment is overheating. We document the temperature difference and coordinate location of the pole and the heat signature of the equipment so you know exactly where the problem is and how soon it needs to be addressed.


Exacter Technology

DRG utilizes Exacter's patented radiofrequency technology to pinpoint locations and circuits with problematic conditions that are high risk to the system’s reliability and warrant repair. Our ultrasonic technology works together with Exacter's technology to identify the specific equipment at the source of the issue.

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