Fort Indiantown Gap Proposed Solar Farm

Davey Resource Group performed endangered and threatened species studies for the Tesla Laboratories’ proposed solar farm at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania. In addition to species studies, DRG also prepared environmental documentation and permits.

Project Narrative:

Davey Resource Group (DRG) performed endangered and threatened species studies, specifically bog turtle surveys, for Tesla Laboratories, Inc. for the proposed solar farm at Fort Indiantown Gap for the PA Department of Military & Veterans Affairs. The bog turtle is a PA State-listed endangered species and a federally-listed endangered species. The proposed solar farm encompasses approximately 17.3 acres within the overall 30-acre project area. The infrastructure associated with the proposed solar farm is designed to be built in the upland fields of the project area and will avoid any wetland impacts.

The USFWS and PAFBC requested performance of a Phase II visual survey for bog turtles to further determine the presence or absence of the species.

DRG’s USFWS Recognized WBTS subsequently obtained a Scientific Collector’s Permit and conducted Phase II bog turtle visual surveys in four (4) wetland areas with assistance of DRG staff biologists. A Phase II bog turtle survey report was prepared summarizing our findings and submitted to PFBC and USFWS. No bog turtles were identified during the investigations and a clearance letter was obtained from PFBC and USFWS to demonstrate no impacts were made to the listed species. All work was performed within a narrow timeframe and the final product was delivered on time and within budget.

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