Town Of Plainfield, Indiana

Davey Resource Group helped the town of Plainfield, Indiana make progress in implementing their 2017 public tree management plan.

Project Narrative

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) was contracted by the Town of Plainfield to facilitate the process of implementing Plainfield’s 2017 Public Tree Management Plan.

The Game Plan

Throughout the first four years of the in-progress consulting project, DRG:

  • Held meetings to discuss tasks as the work progresses
  • Conducted a Level 2 assessment of the tree inventory population (about 1,200 sites)
  • Conducted a Level 1 assessment of the remaining tree inventory population (about 4,300 trees) to ensure no other trees have become an unacceptable level of risk
  • Inspected, recommended, and planted tree species for 48 planting sites
  • Prepared a list of locations and species for the bidding process
  • Scheduled about 30 tree removals, 30 stump removals, and 30 prunings by re-inspecting, marking, and providing a list of trees to Town staff for resident notification and the bidding process
  • Inspected, pruned, and root collared more than 200 young trees
  • Wrote work specifications for the requests for proposals to facilitate the tree and stump removal and pruning bidding process
  • Conducted quality control inspections of tree maintenance, based on the work specifications defined in the requests for proposals.

Further, at an intersection, a group of mature Norway spruces were obstructing the vehicles’ view of bikers and pedestrians using the trail and crosswalk. Instead of removing the healthy 40-foot trees, DRG exceeded expectations by developing and presenting to the Town three strategies that would rectify the situation. The Town chose to raise the canopies about 13 feet, leaving two-thirds canopy and one-third clear trunk.

DRG conducted a Level 2 assessment of Plainfield’s tree inventory population as part of the town’s public tree management plan.
DRG pruned, and root collared more than 200 young trees as part of Plainfield’s public tree management plan.


DRG inspected, recommended, and planted tree species for 48 planting sites as part of Plainfield’s public tree management plan.


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