Lawrence Creek Nature Preserve

Davey Resource Group helped support increased biodiversity and improved wildlife habitat at Lawrence State Park after reducing woody invasive vegetation cover by 95%.

Project Narrative

Located within the boundaries of Fort Harrison State Park, Lawrence Creek Nature Preserve encompasses 242 acres of wooded hills and ravines in an area popular among hikers and mountain bikers alike.

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) was contracted by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to assess the extent of invasive woody species present in the preserve and then implement a plan to remove those species. Target species included bush honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii), Japanese barberry (Berberis thundbergii), common privet (Ligustrum vulgare), Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana), autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata), burning bush (Euonymus alatus), and other woody invasive species, as they were encountered.

Using Vegetation Management To Improve Existing Ecosystems

Project objectives were to support increased biodiversity and improve wildlife habitat by reducing woody invasive cover by 95% and to control resprouts after the initial removal was completed. Woody invasives were removed using forestry mowers, chainsaws, and brush cutters while stumps and resprout were treated with herbicide. The project also included repair to the hiking trail used to access the site.
During treatment of woody invasive resprouts, DRG exceeded the client’s expectations by treating new woody invasive species germinating from seed, which was not included in the contract.

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DRG used mowers, chainsaws, and brushcutters to remove woody invasives from Lawrence Creek Nature Preserve


Woody invasive vegetation can damage wildlife habitat and biodiversity if left unattended


Resprouts were treated with herbicide


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