Clermont County, OH

Davey Resource Group used the cut stump control method to remove invasive woody vegetation from a landowner’s private property, further reaching the owner’s goal of creating a wildlife friendly space on his land.

Project Narrative:

Davey Resource Group was contacted by Mr. Angelo Santoro to complete woody invasive species control on his private property located in Clermont County, Ohio. For over thirty years, Mr. Santoro had held the vision of creating a wildlife friendly space on the land behind his business. Through working with DRG, he was able to make dramatic strides towards this goal.

The partially wooded tract of land had become overrun with Celastrus orbiculatus (oriental bittersweet), Elaeagnus umbellate (autumn olive), Lonicera spp. (Asian bush honeysuckle), and  Pyrus calleryana (callery pear), primarily surrounding the small stream running through the property.  

Davey Resource Group used the cut stump control method to remove all invasive woody vegetation and chipped the woody debris. Following the invasive species removal, Davey Resource Group seeded the bare soil with a rapid soil stabilization seed mix and a Riparian Buffer seed mix consisting of a diverse mix of upland and wetland grasses and forbs to provide food and cover for many of our pollinators, songbirds, pheasants, deer and turkey found within the Cincinnati region.

The goal of this project was to remove the invasive vegetation, create visibility of the stream, and promote wildlife habitat development.

Treatment for this project will need to continue on a yearly basis to keep the non-native invasive species from returning.  Mr. Santoro also envisions installing a nature trail on his property in the future in order to share the beautiful space with the community.

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