Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Davey Resource Group performed a GIS-based tree inventory and created a community forest management plan on the 3,720 trees in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Project Narrative

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) was hired to perform a GIS-based tree inventory within the grounds of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) and an accompanying community forest management plan. This project supported Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s vision to promote and enhance community well-being through public tree conservation and improved forestry management practices.

Putting The Plan In Place

Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s community forest management plan focuses on quantifying the benefits provided by the inventoried tree resource and addressing its maintenance needs. The 2021 inventory included 3,720 trees and spanned across BBG’s 52 acres of green space. The garden has an impressive level of diversity, with 691 unique tree species and cultivars. The garden by its nature has a very extensive collection of unique species that are not often found in typical urban forest tree inventories. The DRG team had to work carefully to ensure each tree was properly identified using a combination of techniques to provide accurate results.

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DRG had to work carefully to ensure each tree was properly identified


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has a wide variety of unique species not often found in typical urban forest tree inventories


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden spans across 52 acres of green space


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