Balboa Park Conservancy

Davey Resource Group inventoried an array of unique trees throughout Balboa Park Conservancy in California, giving park officials the opportunity to make proactive maintenance decisions and lobby for additional funding dollars.

Project Narrative:

DRG was selected as the preferred contractor within a highly-competitive process to inventory one-of-a-kind and unusual trees throughout the destination park. DRG is responsible for geolocating, identifying, and assessing the health of all trees in Balboa Park. Within the DRG tree inventory collection process, trees were identified that require immediate attention, thus reducing risk and liability. By understanding the quality and condition of each tree, the Balboa Park Conservancy can now make educated and proactive decisions on how to best utilize and manage them. 

The Park Conservancy used the initial inventory to pursue private funding to complete inventory collection throughout the park. DRG will complete the inventory when additional funding becomes available. With an expected inventory of almost 16,000 trees, DRG performed an i-Tree analysis and will deliver the inventory into the City’s Land Logic management system. The project began in 2017, with a focus on West Mesa. The Balboa Park Conservancy will continue the project when funding becomes available, likely in 2021.

Balboa Park is a world-renowned destination park. Many of the tree species and cultivars are aging, stressed, and/or unique to this county. In lieu of funding a complete survey upfront, the Conservancy will use this partial inventory to identify priority maintenance needs and to leverage a Capital Campaign that will include funding for tree mitigation and care. 

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