Knoxville Utilities Board

Davey Resource Group helps Knoxville Utilities Board achieve 95% control of the vegetation on their substations within a short time frame using herbicide solutions.

The Challenge

For utilities, vegetation can become a nuisance that damages equipment, causing costly repairs and potential disruptions to service. Applying pre- or post-emergent herbicide to a utility’s substations and rights-of-way (ROWs) within a short window of time can control unruly vegetation growth.

The issue of vegetation management can be compounded by a shortage of local crews in the area to complete the work. When Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) found themselves at the cross-section of these impeding factors, they sought a business partner who could accomplish the work on time.

In southern regions, vines have explosive growth which poses a threat to utilities and necessitates pre-emptive action. The timely treatment of these vines and application of herbicide to prevent their regrowth will help KUB prevent outages and maintain consistent service.

The Solution

Since 2021, Davey Resource Group (DRG) has provided bare ground, foliar, and targeted herbicide solutions throughout Knoxville, TN, and several surrounding counties. During the first season of spraying, there was a shortage of local, licensed professionals, and DRG brought in a crew to complete the work. Since then, DRG worked with local team members to complete the spraying. The crew of three starts each spraying season at substations, targeting all vegetation within the parameters of the fence. The crews then move onto spraying woody vegetation on surrounding ROWs, and, finally, focus their efforts on vines that grow around poles.

Spraying season lasts from March until November when vegetation is growing. The crew uses a specialized pickup truck with spraying rig and backpack sprayers to apply the herbicide

The Result

KUB was able to achieve more than 95% control of the vegetation on their substations with the help of DRG. With crews returning to the project year after year, DRG is able to bring previous experience and expertise with them to complete the spraying efficiently.

KUB is happy with the work and values DRG’s input and opinions, allowing DRG to expand their services in the future.

DRG used targeted herbicide solutions to control more than 95% of the vegetation on Knoxville Utilities Board substations.

DRG had a short window of time to complete the herbicide application to control vegetation growth in Knoxville, TN.

Vines and explosive vegetation growth post a threat to utilities and necessitates pre-emptive action.

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