Patrick Space Force Base

Recently renamed Patrick Space Force Base balances otherworldly duties with perfectly manicured housing units for the many military personnel and families who live and work on-base.

Located in sunny Brevard County, Florida, between Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach, Patrick Space Force Base (SFB), formerly known as Patrick Air Force Base, became a U.S. Space Force installation in December 2020. Patrick SFB is home to Space Launch Delta 45 and is responsible for all space launch operations on the East Coast of the U.S. On May 15, 2021, Space Launch Delta 45 made history by supporting its first launch, the SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink L-26 mission, which carried 52 satellites into orbit.

With the change of focus from air travel to space travel, Patrick SFB’s campus has been going through many major operational changes. Despite the change of mission, Davey is proud to provide support to the families on-base by maintaining the green spaces of their housing units. Since the beginning of 2021, Davey has maintained 616 homes on Patrick SFB, including the residence of the General and other high-ranking officers.

Davey crews are consistently on-site, performing weekly mowing, monthly shrub pruning cycles, teaming up with local Davey tree care offices to perform annual specialty palm tree pruning and other various plant and tree care as needed. Davey crews also rotate the plants in landscape beds annually at the Community Center and twice a year at the General’s home.

The Davey crew is headquartered on-site at Patrick SFB, creating a close partnership with the client. The proximity allows crews to be more available whenever they are needed on the grounds and allows on-site staff to partner with Patrick SFB Management to create the perfect turf care solutions for the base.
Patrick SFB is the epicenter for new and exciting innovations in space explorations. While they focus on the cosmos, Davey ensures what surrounds them on planet Earth remains healthy, safe, and beautiful.

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