Joint Base Andrews

Located at a Civil War-era campsite and officially becoming operational in 1943, Joint Base Andrews now houses support for nationally-significant mission assets. Davey crews are on-site daily to ensure personnel can perform their duties in a safe and well-maintained environment.

Joint Base Andrews in Maryland has history dating back to the Civil War, where the Union occupied a small country church that is now known as Chapel Two as its headquarters for soldiers camped nearby. Officially becoming operational as a military base in 1943, Joint Base Andrews has grown exponentially in the past 75+ years. It’s currently home to the 316th Wing of the Air Force, which supports multi-million dollar, nationally-significant mission assets including Air Force One.

Since starting on the base in 2010, Davey Tree has supported Joint Base Andrews by providing high quality grounds maintenance. A crew of 20 is on-site every day performing services such as mowing, string trimming, tree removal, snow removal, and fence clearing.

Mowing and string trimming are part of the daily rotation for the Davey team at Joint Base Andrews’ property. Three hundred and sixty three acres are mowed on-base, while two off-base sites that are home to satellite antennas are mowed bi-annually. Once or twice per year, crews clear 10 feet of space outside of the perimeter fence and 5 feet inside, allowing base personnel to perform fence security checks more easily. During the harsh winter months, Davey crews clear snow and ice from 1.2 miles of sidewalks and 8 miles of road around the base’s perimeter.

Professional arborists from local Davey offices are brought in on an as-needed basis to help perform tree care and removal services.

Davey takes pride in providing services that create an aesthetically pleasing environment that helps Joint Base Andrews staff perform their duties safely.

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