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Redwood Apartment Neighborhood - Copley, OH

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) completed site planning, roadway design, water line tie-ins, stormwater management, and storm and sanitary collection systems for the Redwood Apartment Neighborhood in Copley, OH with minimal disruptions to the preserved and protected natural areas on-site.

Project Narrative:

This project is a 100-unit apartment development that sits on 58 acres on Ridgewood Road in Copley, OH. DRG was hired to complete site planning, roadway design, water line tie-ins, stormwater management, storm and sanitary collection systems.

The Redwood Apartment Neighborhood on Ridgewood Road required a thoughtful approach by DRG as 40 of the 58-acre property is preserved and protected natural acreage. In this construction and land development plan, DRG disturbed less than 0.5 acres of existing wetlands within the property and only disturbed a total of 18 out of 58 acres with construction
and sanitary system installation. The project required a low-pressure grinder pump (LPGP) sanitary collection system, enabling the multi-family units to obtain sewer service at a significantly reduced upfront capital expense to the owner. Additionally, DRG’s thoughtful approach took neighboring properties into account. All apartments were placed further from property lines than required by the codified setbacks.

The remaining 40 acres of property is preserved in its natural state and will be maintained as such to provide positive biological, ecological, and stormwater benefits to the property and surrounding environments. DRG planned for four stormwater basins throughout the property as well as an additional stormwater management basin that exists below the pavement on the north end of the property.


  • Majority land conservation and wetland preservation
  • Complexities in zoning and state laws, client needs, and neighboring areas

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