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Village of Chagrin Falls, OH

When the Chagrin River gradually changed course and threatened a nearby wastewater treatment plant in Chagrin Falls, OH, Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) used their expertise to restore 250 linear feet of the stream and redirect water safely.

Project Narrative:

The Chagrin River flows adjacent to the Chagrin Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant. Over time, the river has changed course, flowing in the direction of the plant. The purpose of this project was to stabilize the ongoing bank erosion, regain a portion of the extensive loss of streambank that has occurred over time, increase floodplain connectivity, and provide protection for the Wastewater Treatment Plan.

The Village of Chagrin Falls received an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Section 319(h) Nonpoint Source grant to fund the project. DRG worked with the Village during the design portion of the project. Marks Construction, with oversight from Davey Resource Group, implemented the restoration of 250 linear feet of the Chagrin River which included a number of measures:

  • The adjacent riparian area was excavated to provide material to build up the bank. This excavated area also provided water storage in the floodplain and improved riparian habitat.
  • Stone was placed along the edge of the restored stream bank and infilled with the excavated material to rebuild the lost bank.
  • The streambank was excavated to a stable angle of repose.
  • Four bendway weirs were installed to re-direct the water flow away from the bank.
  • The weirs were keyed into the bank to prevent erosion around the stone.
  • Prior to finishing final grade, fifty 4-inch diameter live Salix amygdaloides (peachleaf willow) poles were installed along the restored stream bank to improve long-term bank stabilization and provide woody cover. These poles were planted into the armored stream bank using the excavator bucket.

Following the completion of construction, a native riparian seed mix was disseminated in all disturbed areas. In the spring following construction, trees and shrubs were installed along the riparian corridor to replace the vegetation that was lost as the bank eroded prior to construction. Mowing is no longer occurring adjacent to the stream and the area is beginning to naturalize

Photo Caption: The stream bank of the Chagrin River had eroded approximately 75 feet west, threatening the nearby wastewater treatment plant.

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