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The Preserve at Parkside - Brecksville, OH

Davey Resource Group Engineering had to take special care of the surrounding wetland during a 36-acre single-family land development project at Preserve at Parkside, located near Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Brecksville, Ohio.

Project Narrative:

The Preserve at Parkside is a 36-acre single-family land development site with 22 single-family lots and public streets. Davey Resource Group (DRG) performed site land planning, civil engineering, surveying, and wetland permitting.

DRG completed the permitting for wetland preservation on this site. This project is located on a secluded site overlooking Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP), so special attention was paid to water quality and stormwater management. DRG worked intentionally to provide detailed solutions to remain environmentally sensitive to the surrounding areas and wetlands within the project site—disturbing less than 0.5 acres of wetland and 300 feet of streams, and implementing a conservation easement on the property. Acreage within this site is protected with a conservation easement completed by Stream & Wetland Preservation Group (SWPG), a non-profit service provided through DRG staff members that places conservation easement on corresponding properties with engineering, surveying, and/or land development and is  stewarded by SWPG.

DRG’s engineers worked closely with DRG wetland scientists and permitters to greatly minimize any wetland disturbances and to pay special attention to the existing land format in order to minimally disrupt the surrounding land of CVNP.


  • Intricate lot & street planning with detailed collaboration between engineers and wetland scientists
  • Detailed stormwater management planning
  • Design to adhere to existing pre-development watersheds

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