Posted: December 01, 2022

A new year means new landscape trends are emerging on the commercial property scene.  

Whether you’re managing a retail space, an office park, a healthcare facility, an educational environment, or an industrial facility, knowing the new advancements and ideas for your landscape could not only make your property stand out, but this knowledge could also save you time and money — and everyone can benefit from savings on those.  

Take a look at these commercial trends in landscaping for the coming year. You might see something that inspires an idea for your commercial property or something you may want to add to your long-term plan for your site.  

Efficiency Is the Name of the Game 

Your operational costs, including rent, labor, and consumables, continue to rise, and that’s not something you can control. But you can get the most for your investment in your services to ensure you’re spending dollars wisely.  

Commercial landscape professionals are also experiencing these same increasing operational costs. As such, you want to make sure you partner with a company that has stability in the supply chain and can scale and allocate resources to meet your needs and goals. These traits – combined with the backing of the latest science, best practices, and research from The Davey Institute – help us provide our customers with the most for each landscaping dollar they spend.  

When it comes to being more efficient, you can also cut costs with your commercial landscaping by minimizing waste on things like water, fertilizer, and other chemicals. Opting to have your commercial landscape professional conduct a water audit can be a great way to ensure your irrigation and drainage systems are working properly.  

Using sustainable landscape ideas and planting more native plants can also help you reduce water usage, as well as the need for any additional chemical inputs. Native plants are more adapted to your specific region, so they tend to require less maintenance. These traits can decrease your expenses, while still giving you a professional, positive image.  

Take Charge with Battery-Powered Equipment 

Along with rising fuel prices, climate change continues to be a concern. 

While landscape equipment, such as mowers and string trimmers, are typically fuel-powered, newer equipment using rechargeable batteries is trending as a more sustainable alternative. And some major manufacturers have introduced more robust battery-powered tools that are just as capable as their gas-powered counterparts.  

These machines have reduced noise, lower emissions, less fuel costs because there is no need for a gas/oil mixture, and they store more safely, so as landscapers move to battery-powered equipment, the benefits are felt by everyone.  

Get In the Zone 

Nearly every area of the U.S. has experienced impacts from climate change, including temperature shifts, and alterations in precipitation, sea level, storm intensity, and pest pressure. This is resulting in longer growing seasons, warmer winters, and drier summers, impacting your commercial landscape plants in different ways.  

This means buying the wrong species of plant, especially if your hardiness zone has changed, can lead to increased maintenance needs. Focusing on native plants and making sure you’re working with a commercial landscape partner that is choosing the right plants for your site can not only keep you operating within your budget, but can also ensure high-end visual appeal. 


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