Posted: September 07, 2022

With climate change on the forefront of the general public’s concerns, many states and municipalities are enacting legislation focused on reducing carbon footprint. Some states, such as California and New York, are targeting gas-powered equipment as part of their sustainability efforts. 

Landscaping equipment such as mowers, string trimmers, and hedge trimmers are traditionally fuel powered, but equipment powered by rechargeable batteries is rising in popularity because of sustainability-focused legislation and corporate commitments.

Battery powered equipment has its own set of pros and cons that are important to consider when planning to make the switch including: 


  • Noise reduction – Battery powered equipment produces less noise. When crews are working near windows or in common spaces outdoors, decreased disruption is appreciated. 
  • Less emissions – Fuel powered lawnmowers emit 89 pounds of carbon and 34 pounds of other pollutants per year on average according to the EPA. Switching to battery powered equipment on your commercial property can save large amounts of carbon and pollutants from entering the atmosphere. 
  • Reduced maintenance – Battery powered equipment doesn’t use an internal-combustion engine, which means fewer parts to maintain – and fail.  
  • Convenience – Battery powered equipment means no mixing 2-cycle oil and gas and fewer gas cans to store, which saves space and keeps trailers and shops free of clutter. 


  • Increased demand – With more legislators banning gas powered equipment, the demand for electric equipment will increase, bringing up prices until demand decreases. 
  • Supply shortages – Supply chains in most markets are still adjusting after COVID-related shortages. It may be difficult for manufacturers to keep up with product demand once legislation is enforced. 
  • Battery disposal – When batteries need replaced, they require a certain disposal method, which can be complicated and dangerous if done incorrectly. 
  • Learning curve – Commercial landscapers who have become accustomed to the outputs of gas-powered tools need to adjust to the different amounts of time to complete work after making the switch to battery powered equipment. 

If your state or local legislators plan on enforcing gas-powered equipment bans, it’s better to start preparing sooner rather than later. Understanding the benefits of battery powered landscape equipment can make your decision to switch easier and help you reach your sustainability goals. 

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