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Tree Care Essentials

What Hurts Our Trees?

All trees have challenges. Help your trees thrive by avoiding common mistakes when landscaping.

Although there are many kinds of trees, most struggle with the same problems. Fortunately most of these can be easily remedied with a few simple adjustments to your landscaping process. 

Here are some quick solutions to the most common problems.

  1. Lack of Mineral Recycling & Nutrients: Add nutrition with fertilizer and proper mulching
  2. Compacted Soils: Use vertical mulching, replace soil in the root zone, or just generally loosen the soil
  3. Opportunistic Pests: Use specialty treatments for pests and diseases
  4. Mechanical Damage: Regular inspection as well as mulching, adding fertilizer and watering properly
  5. Restricted Root Space: Proper fertilization and watering as well as inspection for girdling roots

Learn more about how to care for your trees by contacting your local certified arborist to request a consultation and download the PDF below for more information. 

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