Posted: February 04, 2022

In this article, Chelsi Abbott from the Davey Institute talks about mulch fungus - if it's harmful and what you should do. 

tree with mulch bed

Mulch is a valuable asset to your garden. It helps retain moisture in soil, prevents weeds from sprouting, and keeps pests at bay. However, mulch also provides the ideal environment for fungus growth. Although it's not usually harmful to your plants, fungus mulch may be a concern from a cosmetic standpoint, explains Chelsi Abbott, technical advisor at Davey Tree. "Fungus is a wood decayer and is very important to the recycling of nutrients," she says. Beyond wanting to remove mildew for aesthetics, certain varieties, such as artillery fungus, can decay wood and spread from mulch to other areas of your property, like a car or home exterior.

Whether you want to get rid of fungus mulch to keep your garden looking nice or because you've spotted areas of mold, these expert tips will teach you how to deal with the landscape inconvenience effectively and efficiently. 

To continue reading about what to do if you see mulch fungus, click here

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