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Working in cold weather not for the faint of heart

In this article from the Hamilton Spectator, Chris Deathe, district manager for Davey's Hamilton office, tells readers about the many safety precautions arborists take when working in extreme conditions. 

Posted: March 2, 2015

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You think it's been cold walking from your house to the car?

Pity the people who have to work outside all day, whether they're cutting down trees, directing traffic, climbing hydro poles or hundreds of other jobs out in the elements.

"It is possible to work in this stuff," said Chris Deathe, district manager for the Davey Tree Expert Company.

The company has been busy through the recent cold snaps, trimming and cutting trees, especially the ones compromising hydro lines. One issue for people who work around hydro wires is that the rubber gloves they must wear to protect against electric shock are thinly insulated and not so good at keeping hands warm.

"They have to do work slowly and carefully and take breaks. We do education packages, talk to staff about it. They wear balaclavas and moisturizers on their face so the skin doesn't burn. So far we haven't run into a problem.

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