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Top 4 Tree Types for Christmas

In this article from Angie's List, Kevin Bosworth, district manager of Davey's Portland, Maine office, tells readers how to pick the perfect Christmas tree this holiday season. 

Posted: Dec. 16, 2015

There’s no better way to mark the beginning of the holiday season than by welcoming a real Christmas tree into your home. From visiting the tree farm, to decorating it with memorable ornaments, to opening up presents — Christmas trees remain at the heart of many family traditions. 

Pick the perfect tree for your family by first evaluating species type, fragrance and needle retention. Test trees for freshness by running your fingers along the needles, grabbing the branches and bouncing the tree a little. Only a few needles will fall off of a fresh tree. Otherwise, it's a sure sign that the tree was cut long ago and has not been watered enough.

Every tree variety is unique. Learn the key personality traits of the four most popular Christmas trees:

1. Douglas Fir trees

While not a true fir, these trees can be found on nearly every tree farm for the holidays. Featuring dark green or blue-green colored needles that are soft to the touch and a sweet scent, Douglas firs hold strong as a family favorite.

2. Colorado Blue Spruce tree

Spruces have a beautiful silvery-blue color and an incredibly symmetrical shape. From a full bottom to a slender top, the Colorado blue spruce adds a stately touch to any room. It’s also one of the best trees for needle retention, making a great visual impact throughout the entire holiday season.

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