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They are lumberjacks; more than OK: Fiorito

A Toronto Star columnist writes about his observations as a crew of Davey tree trimmers restored life to his neighbor's 80-year old elm damaged by the ice storm.

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

By Joe Fiorito

2007_08_27-Canton _Residential -DSC_0104_jpg

The principles of the boom bucket are as old as Archimedes; hydraulics, all the way. Euclid is the man holding the tight end of the faller’s rope; geometry, plain and simple.

But it was the modern urban loggers of Davey Tree who went to work on my neighbour’s elm, the one that had been damaged by the ice storm.

They came in the morning on the weekend to see what had to be done. Some of their work was social: knocking on doors, asking the neighbours to move their cars so that the cars would be out of danger, chatting with curious passersby.

And there was also the craning of necks, and the looking up, and the pointing and the talking: this limb, which limb, that limb? And when their boom truck was in place, and the men had decided not just what had to be done, but also the rough order of its doing, then Fabio Guerrero climbed into the bucket.

To read the rest of the story, click here.


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