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Take a good, hard look at your trees

In this article from Philly.com, Davey's Chris Miller talks about winter storm damage. 

Published: Nov. 7, 2014 

By Virginia A. Smith 

Tree guys all over the Philadelphia region still talk about Feb. 5, 2014.

Some description

That day, a brutal ice storm toppled even the hardest of the hardwood trees. Oaks, hickories, and beeches, along with the Eastern white pines and other easy marks, keeled over, ripped through utility wires, and crashed onto cars, roads, and houses.

Nine months later, as another winter approaches, Chris Miller, a certified arborist and district manager of Davey Tree in King of Prussia, continues to plow through a backlog of work from the ice storm and other winter damage, especially in Chester and Montgomery Counties.

"I hated last winter," he says. "I haven't had a vacation this year because of it."

Miller and others in the tree business have some precautionary advice for homeowners. It's no guarantee you'll escape the ravages of heavy winds, snow, and ice, but it might mitigate the damage:

Go outside and eyeball your trees. Look for abnormalities that could be potential problems, such as horizontal or vertical cracks in the trunk, pockets of decay, hollow areas, and bulges. And call a certified arborist with the requisite experience, credentials, equipment, and insurance.

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