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Go Climb a Tree!

In this article from Crain's Cleveland Business, Sandee Reid, vice president of corporate communications and strategic planning for Davey, talks about the company's involvement and sponsorship of the International Tree Climbing Championship. 

Posted: March 16, 2015 

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It's March, and every sports junkie knows what that means: It's time for the International Tree Climbing Competition. 

Yeah, baby — you've got to shoot the tree! 

In other words, forget March's more mundane madness; these guys get some serious air. To dunk a basketball only requires jumping three or four feet off the ground. That's child's play compared to a “belay speed climb” that requires contestants to haul themselves 60 feet up into a tree using just a rope and mostly their arms. 

“People think of kids climbing trees, but you really need to be an athlete,” said Sandra Reid, spokeswoman for the Davey Tree Expert Co. in Kent. She added, “The competition is fierce!” 

Since 1998, Davey has been a key sponsor of the event, and in a good year some of its employees also qualify to compete by winning state competitions that winnow the field down to the very best climbers for the annual championships. (None did this year, but the company says employees will try again.) 

The annual competition, running March 21-22 this year, is a big event for Davey and, it turns out, for other Ohio companies as well. 

While Davey is this year's main presenting sponsor, Chagrin Falls-based Arborwear and Weaver Leather, in Holmes County, also are sponsors and provide equipment that the contestants use. Arborwear makes an entire line of tree-climbing clothing used by arborists, loggers, forest-fire fighters and other folks whose branch is not some distant office. Weaver makes “saddles” — the harnesses that climbers use — and other climbing gear. 

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