Finding a Tree Service You Trust is a Tall Order

In this article from Angie's List, Ray Betz, district manager of Davey's Charlotte office, tells homeowners the steps they need to take before hiring a tree service. 

Some descriptionPosted: March 11, 2015 

Spring is in the air and trees are beginning to explode with fresh green leaves. Now’s the perfect time to spruce up yards and make sure foliage is in tip-top shape. As warm weather approaches, expert preventive care and monitoring will help protect your trees.

Not sure where to start? First, begin by looking for a certified arborist you can trust.

Protecting valuable assets

A good arborist can add value to your home. Well-maintained trees and an attractive landscape can increase a property’s value. 

Once you’ve found arborists you’d like to interview, check for certain qualifications before selecting one.

Homeowners should always check for:

 ● Tree Care Industry Association accreditation.

●  International Society of Arboriculture certification.

● Proof of insurance.

● A list of references.

Hiring an unqualified arborist may cost homeowners in the long run. An uninsured and inadequately trained arborist can damage trees and homes — leaving homeowners with the bill. Poor work can result in mistakes that decrease a home's value and may involve purchasing new trees.

Follow this checklist to make sure your arborist is the real deal.

A TCIA accredited company

The Tree Care Industry Association’s accreditation means the arborist’s company is equipped with the latest industry knowledge and safety procedures. Arborists from accredited companies know how to do their job as efficiently and safely as possible.

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