In this article, Shawn Kingzette from Davey's Crystal Lake office shares tips on how to have a pet-friendly landscape. 

Posted: May 23, 2023

Keep your best four-legged friend happy—and your grass free of holes, urine burns, and wear spots—with these expert tips. Homeowner with dog in backyard

Sharing your outdoor space with your dog is fun for both you and your pet—but not always for your lawn and landscaping. From digging and trampling to leaving burnt grass spots from urine and worn-out pathways, your dog's daily activities can leave your lawn looking less than lush.

But while the right grass, enclosed areas, and activities for your pet can help you build a backyard that's fit for man's best friend, remember that teaching an old dog new tricks takes time. "By redirecting your dog's energy and offering appropriate outlets for play, potty, and digging, you can help prevent future damage to your yard," says Shawn Kingzette, arborist with Crystal Lake Davey Tree. "But the backyard is not a dog sitter, and it is not an alternative for a good walk with your dog or playing fetch. By spending good, quality time with your animal and stimulating their mind and body, damage inside and outside of the home can be lessened."

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