Date FiledReport DateFilingDescriptionDocument
12/13/201712/7/20178-KCurrent Report, items 5.02 and 9.01PDF
11/21/201711/20/20178-KCurrent Report, items 1.01, 2.03 and 9.01PDF
11/21/20179/30/201710-QQuarterly ReportPDF
11/21/20177/1/201710-Q/AAmendment to Quarterly ReportPDF
11/21/20174/1/201710-Q/AAmendment to Quarterly ReportPDF
11/21/201712/31/201610-K/AAmendment to Annual ReportPDF
11/9/201711/9/20178-KCurrent Report, items 4.02 and 8.01PDF
10/12/201710/6/20178-KCurrent Report, items 1.01, 2.03 and 9.01PDF
8/2/20177/1/201610-QQuarterly ReportPDF
6/28/201712/31/201611-KDescription – Annual Report for the Davey 401KSOP and ESOPPDF
5/17/20175/10/20178-KCurrent Report, items 5.03, 5.07, 8.01 and 9.01

Form 8-K 

2017 Amended Articles of Incorporation

2017 Amended and Restated Regulations

5/16/20175/10/20178-KCurrent Report, item 8.01PDF
5/11/20175/10/2017DEFA14AAdditional Definitive Proxy MaterialPDF
5/11/20175/10/20178-KCurrent Report, items 8.01 and 9.01PDF
5/9/20175/8/20178-KCurrent Report, items 1.01, 2.03 and 9.01PDF
5/3/20174/1/201710-QQuarterly ReportPDF
4/6/20174/6/2017DEFA14AAdditional Definitive Proxy MaterialsPDF
4/6/20174/6/2017DEF 14ADefinitive Proxy StatementPDF
3/24/20173/24/20178-KCurrent Report, item 5.02PDF
3/14/201712/31/2016           10-KAnnual ReportPDF
3/9/20173/3/20178-KCurrent Report, item 5.02PDF
3/9/20173/3/20178-KCurrent Report, item 5.02 and 9.01PDF
3/6/20174/6/2017PRE 14APreliminary Proxy StatementPDF

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