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How To Treat & Remove Girdling Roots

Learn how to address girdling roots with the help of tree service professionals. Lou Meyer, ISA Certified Arborist, provides advice on this popular tree care issue.

Girdling roots grow around another root or trunk and create pressure and choke or compress water in nutrient conductive tissues. Sometimes container grown trees, sidewalks or curbs initiate this condition.

Girdling roots can be found on many tree species, but certain species like maples and lindens are more susceptible. Girdling roots can negatively impact trees and possibly result in decline or risk tree situations.

To help prevent this occurrence, trees should be planted correctly and avoid over mulching.

If you inherited this problem, deciding to remove girdling roots depends on many factors because the roots can supply the tree with nutrients, water and stabilize its structure.

A certified arborist can help identify this problem and alleviate girdling roots and their symptoms by using a tool with compressed air to excavate the soil without damaging the tree.

You also watch our vertical mulching video to see the pneumatic excavation tool in action! 

If you're concerned about your tree's health, contact your local Davey arborist today for a free consultation.

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