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Davey crews help restore power to 15,000 metered WWL&C customers after severe storm

Wisconsin Rapids Water Works and Lighting Commission

Davey partnered with Wisconsin Rapids Water Works and Lighting Commission (WW&LC) to clear limbs and trees from power lines after severe thunderstorms produced a microburst with 100 miles per hour winds.

The Challenge

A severe thunderstorm hit the Wisconsin Rapids area in late July 2019 and included straight-line winds at more than 100 miles per hour and caused severe damage to the area. Most of the damage was from fallen trees, which caused 15,000 metered WW&LC customers in the affected area to lose power.

With an annually renewed contract already in place, Davey stepped in and helped the utility clear the lines, restoring power.

The Solution

The storm passed through the Wisconsin Rapids areas at 9:30 a.m. on July 20. It was the largest storm in recorded history to hit the area. The utility, which prides itself on uninterrupted electric service, wanted power restored to Wisconsin Rapids and Biron as soon as possible.

Davey crews, including Foreman Mike Smith and Journeyman Trimmer Joh Rahm, worked with the local line crews along with 46 other Wisconsin municipal utilities that contributed line crews to clear the lines and safely and efficiently restore power.

WWL&C experienced 800 instances of trees taking out poles or on the lines and had to replace 160 poles.

The Results

After working 7 days and around 122 hours, the trees and limbs were cleared, and power was restored. Davey has had a 21-year relationship with WW&LC – a relationship characterized by this type of teamwork.


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