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DRG Helps to Mitigate Critical Utility Vegetation Management Around Hospitals to Avoid Outages in the Midst of a Crisis

Northeastern U.S. Utility

Davey Resource Group, Inc. steps up vegetation management patrols to ensure hospitals can avoid power outages during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Challenge

Davey Resource Groups, Inc.’s (DRG) teams are on the front line of our communities’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rapid spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the world, maintaining vital electric infrastructure to emergency health care facilities is a top priority. An unplanned outage on an electric circuit feeding a hospital or other healthcare facility could have devastating effects.

Preventative vegetation management on the primary circuits feeding each hospital can avert outages before they happen. Prompt and safe completion of any work related to these imminent threats is also necessary. DRG is working with clients around the United States to avoid outages by conducting special patrols of critical circuit segments that hospitals rely on and then providing coordination and oversight of line clearance crews as they complete the work.

The Solution

One example currently taking place at a major electric utility in the Northeastern U.S involves a team of five crew members conducting intensive hospital circuit inspections throughout their service territory. DRG utility vegetation management specialists record any problematic vegetation threatening the electric facilities using DRG’s proprietary field software system with real time data access. They then work with property owners, public agencies, and line clearance crews to coordinate the removal of the hazardous conditions immediately using a paperless workflow process that allows DRG’s essential employees to comply with social distancing practices.

The Results

DRG is proud to serve their communities during this world event. “I never joined the service and it’s a choice I regret to this day,” one employee said. “However, keeping the power grid up and running now gives me the opportunity to fight a different sort of war for our country.”

While the circumstances are sobering, being part of the movement to fight COVID-19 grants a sense of purpose to anyone doing their part to help the cause.

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