Have you had your Tree Rx today?

Did you know that time spent outside with trees is scientifically-proven to improve your health and wellness?

That's what ecotherapy is all about. When you interact with nature, you grow and heal.

When you're done reading this, get out there and take a walk in an area filled with trees - doctor's orders! This year, Davey’s tree doctors are prescribing Tree Rx.

As you’re walking, take a closer look at your trees, or better yet, schedule a tree check-up. Be sure to share your Tree Rx experience by taking a photo, sharing it on social and tagging it #TreeRx.

5 Ways Trees Improve Health and Wellness

  1. Trees save lives. Trees save more than 850 lives a year by removing air pollution. (USDA Forest Service)
  2. Trees help you heal faster. Patients in hospital rooms that overlooked trees had shorter stays, marginally reduced complications and needed fewer intense painkillers. (Science Magazine)
  3. Trees keep you young and fit. Having 10 or more trees in a city block, on average, improves health perception in ways comparable to being seven years younger. Also, people who live near high levels of greenery are 40 percent less likely to be overweight. (Scientific Reports and BMJ)
  4. Trees reduce stress. Those living in urban neighborhoods with a sizeable tree canopy suffer less from depression, anxiety and stress. (BioScience)
  5. Trees radiate positivity. A 90-minute walk in a tree-filled space reduces people’s negative thoughts. Additionally, trees have been found to enhance mood and improve self-esteem. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Journal of Environmental Psychology)

To reap these health and wellness benefits, we need to keep trees healthy. Here's how. 

3-Step Prescription for Healthy Trees

  1. Perform a health check. Use this checklist to look for nutrient deficiencies, compacted soil, diseases/pests, mechanical/natural damage and soil compaction.
  2. Call a tree doctor. Schedule regular inspections with a Davey arborist, who will recommend “lifestyle changes” personalized for your specific trees. Preventative steps help trees stay healthy so that they better withstand storms, pests and diseases. Plus, it’s more cost-effective.
  3. Implement the plan. Protect your investment and keep your trees healthy by following your arborist’s seasonal tips. Trees need you to keep an eye on them and watch for potential problems. They return the favor by providing you with health benefits for years to come.

Ready to schedule that tree doctor check-up? Fill out the form below!