Arbor Green Xtra Plus B 15-0-15

Arbor Green Xtra plus B 15-0-15 now available in Florida to provide the best service to our clients. 


In Florida, potassium, magnesium, manganese and boron nutrient deficiencies are common in palms and other subtropical trees and plants. To address the deficiency, nutrients must be integrated into the fertilizer formula to provide optimal plant growth.


Fertilizing palms and other tree-like (arborescent) monocots differ from standard trees in that multiple fertilizer applications are made during the growing season – 4 applications/year in Florida. This insures a continuous supply of macro – and micronutrients to maintain the aesthetics of plants and protects the return on your landscape investment. Arbor Green Xtra plus B works equally well on deciduous trees and shrubs.

Benefits Of Arbor Green Xtra Plus B Include:

• Slow-release nitrogen to reduce leaching.
• Low salt index for high plant safety.
• Arbor Green Xtra plus B’s slow release characteristics mimic nutrient recycling in the natural forest.
• Arbor Green Xtra plus B has carbon chains where the carbon is a “food source” for soil microbes.
• Nutrient N-P-K and micronutrient ratios are consistent with current University recommendations.
• Arbor Green Xtra plus B is a suspension fertilizer to be mixed with water and soil injected.
• Liquid application delivers Arbor Green Xtra plus B directly to the root zone.
• The root zone application means no rain or irrigation is needed to move the fertilizer to where the roots can absorb the nutrients.
• The liquid soil injection method also provides some soil aeration benefits on compacted soils.

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