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Davey Resource Group was contracted by Bohler Engineering to delineate over 32 acres of underdeveloped shrubland in the Town of Pamelia, New York to support construction of a new travel stop along State Route 12.

Project Narrative:

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) was contracted by Bohler Engineering to delineate an approximately 32-acre site in the Town of Pamelia, New York.

Due to both its location adjacent to New York State Route 12 and its lack of traveler amenities, the site was determined the best spot for a new Love’s travel stop. Love’s not only would offer travelers more options and resources but also would encourage travel and tourism within the region.

Overcoming Obstacles Through Expertise

Unfortunately, development was stalled due to two intermittent streams that entered the site via culverts and converged into one channel. Culverting the streams completely or rerouting them to create a new channel—and doing so responsibly—was an obstacle from the start, but with DRG’s expertise, Bohler Engineering was able to develop a design that not just solved the problem but solved it with the least possible environmental impact.

DRG’s two-person crew then delineated over 32 acres of undeveloped shrubland. However, due to adverse weather conditions and the earliness of the growing season, the site needed redelineated. The DRG duo took the opportunity to exceed expectations and redelineated the site in good faith, which caused a shift in regulations, resulting in a now-larger wetland area.
This site is currently under construction.

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Two Employees
Two Employees

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