City Of Tallahassee, FL

Davey Resource Group, Inc. completed a comprehensive tree inventory and data-driven urban forest master plan for the city of Tallahassee, FL, which proposed three goals divided into thirteen action steps.

Project Narrative:

DRG completed a comprehensive tree inventory and urban forest master plan for the City of Tallahassee. Our planning focus was data-driven and focused on a three-tiered approach: gauging the state of the current urban forest, understanding the community’s perceptions of the urban forest, and lastly, assessing the city’s urban forestry operations and policies. The final plan proposed three goals (Improve canopy quality, Maintain canopy levels, and Engage the community) divided into 13 action steps.

A few years prior to beginning the master planning process, we completed a major inventory of the city’s trees. We then conducted several studies to further assess the current state of the urban forest, including the city’s first high-resolution urban tree canopy (UTC) assessment and a sample inventory of public trees [pictured right]. With an understanding of the current urban forest, we were then able to accurately calculate the economical, environmental, and social benefits of the city’s trees.

We also conducted a significant outreach campaign, including two public meetings, three stakeholder meetings, a survey, and several public presentations [pictured right]. Community engagement played a critical role in understanding the perception of trees among citizens and businesses.

Lastly, an assessment of the current operational practices and policies of the city’s forestry department informed opportunities for the department to increase efficiency and safety, and improve tree preservation codes.

Through the implementation of the action steps described in this urban forest master plan, the City of Tallahassee can continue to make progress toward improved management of the community forest, maintaining and improving the quality of the urban tree canopy both today and for future generations.

“In response to current growth and future changes, the city and the community at-large will work together in partnership toward an urban tree canopy that will be a high-quality, sustainable, and safe asset providing benefits to all citizens.” - Vision for Tallahassee’s Urban Forest

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