City Of Quincy, MA

DRG planted and performed aftercare services on 611 trees in Quincy, MA as part of the Greening the Gateway Program. Thanks to the expertise of DRG’s crews, the tree mortality rate was under 5%.

Project Narrative:

We planted the 611 trees across two planting seasons, and conducted two years of watering and aftercare for the trees. Likewise, we offered the client a two-year warranty for tree mortality. This warranty was critically important, as the planting location was along the ocean, which left trees exposed to high winds and salt water. Due to the level of care we provided the trees, the tree mortality rate was less than 5%—well below our expected mortality rate of 10% for new trees in similar locations.

DRG is thrilled to have contributed to this portion of Massachusetts’ Greening the Gateway Cities program. The program, in their own words, “was created to increase the number of trees planting in MA’s gateway cities, with the overall goal of covering 5% of target neighborhoods with new tree canopy cover.” Studies consistently show that the size and health of a city’s tree canopy has a significant correlation to benefits such as reducing heating and cooling bills, improving air quality and managing run-off, as well as a host of physical and mental health benefits for residents.

Under supervision of the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), DRG provided all materials, labor, supervision, equipment, and supplies to install, warranty, and water 611 trees ranging in size from 2-3” caliper.

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