Oyster Mushrooms Description:

Oyster mushrooms are very common fungi that are found all over the world. They grow in a flat, broad fan shape and range in colors from white, gray, tan and dark brown. The surface is smooth and the underside shows layers of gills.


Oyster mushrooms are commonly found growing on dead or dying hardwood trees.

Biology & Symptoms:

This mushroom is one of the few known carnivorous mushrooms, known to kill and consume small roundworms. It is also a primary contributor to the decomposition process, making it a vital component in returning nutrients to the ecosystem. While this is beneficial for trees in a forest setting, if you find oyster mushrooms on your landscape trees it could be a likely sign that the tree is dead or dying.

Management of Oyster Mushrooms:

If oyster mushrooms are discovered on your trees, it is a likely sign of a greater internal problem. Prevention is the best method of management. Try to keep tree wounds, such as cuts from lawn maintenance, to a minimum and keep trees healthy with cultural practices such as proper fertilization, watering, and mulching. If you find oyster mushrooms on your trees, contact your local arborist so your trees can be evaluated for decay.

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