Bark Lice Description:

Barklice are small, dark-colored insects that produce fine, dense webbing on the trunks of host trees. Varying in color from tan to black, these pests may or may not have wings, and are usually less than five millimeters long.


Barklice prefers the tree trunks of oaks and pecans.

Are Bark Lice Harmful?

While the webbing barklice produce may look harmful to trees, these pests are not. Instead, they feed on lichens and algae growing on tree trunks. Their self-produced webbing helps protect them from their natural enemies.

How to Get Rid of Bark Lice on Trees:

There’s no need to remove barklice and their webbing for the tree’s health reasons. However, if desired, simply brush away with a broom or spray with a garden hose set on high-pressure.

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