Exploring Smart Tree Inventories Through Interactive Workshops

Tree Inventories have evolved from the early days of pen & paper and are now in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML). By combining AI & ML, we can transition our tree inventories from a snapshot-in-time updated once a decade to a 4D digital twin updated biennially. The climate is changing faster than our trees can keep up with. It is imperative that our methodologies for assessing and monitoring our public trees keep pace.

The North America Tour is organized by Davey Resources Group (DRG) and greehill to showcase how to transform traditional urban asset management in unimaginable ways using the power of AI. Starting from ISA Conference on 14-16 August 2023 we will make stops in 13 locations across East Coast during September 2023 to introduce Smart Tree Inventory concept. Workshops and presentations are arranged in collaboration with local greenery agencies.

Learn how Smart Tree Inventory can help you maintain safer, healthier & more resilient urban forests at lower cost in your area.

Smart Tree Inventories North American Tour

Local Tour Schedule

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August 30 Virtual; Register


September 6 in Akron, OH; Register

September 7 Virtual; Register

September 8 in Worcester, MA; Register

September 11 in New York, NY; Register

September 12 in Philadelphia, PA

September 14 in Washington, D.C.; Register

September 15 in Raleigh, NC; Register

September 18 in Atlanta, GA; Register

September 19 Virtual; Register

September 20 in Orlando, FL; Register

September 21 in Tampa, FL; Register

September 21 in Cape Coral, FL; Register

September 26 in Chicago, IL; Register

September 26 Virtual; Register

September 27 in Indianapolis, IN; Register


October 24 in Minnetonka, MN

October 27 in Littleton, CO

October 30 in Seattle, WA


November 1 in San Jose, CA

November 3 in Los Angeles, CA 

November 6 in Phoenix, AZ

November 9 in St. Louis, MO

Workshop Agenda

Data-Driven Decision-Making with Smart Tree Inventories 
  • 9:00 Coffee & Registration
  • 9:15 Artificial Intelligence in Urban Forestry
  • 9:45 Smart Tree Inventories
  • 10:30 Implementing Your Tree Inventory
  • 11:00 Using Smart Tree Inventories
  • 12:00 Lunch, included
  • 12:30 Equipment Demo & Drive Along (optional)
    • Join us for an optional field demonstration and even a ride-along of the vehicle used to collect Smart Tree Inventories. With state-of-the-art NASA grade LiDAR and super high-resolution imagery scanner, you can see the point cloud as it is generated!
  • 3:00 Adjourn
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