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West Fork Streambank - Bath Township, OH

Severe erosion of 125 feet of streambank in Bath Township, OH was threatening an adjacent stormwater management basin. Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) used bioengineering methods to stabilize the streambank and provide in-stream habitat while preventing future erosion.

Project Narrative: 

Approximately 125 linear feet of the streambank of West Fork, a tributary to Yellow Creek and the Cuyahoga River, was severely eroded and the failure of the bank was threatening an adjacent stormwater management basin. A narrow causeway existed between the stream and the basin that was near the point of collapse. The loss of the causeway would have caused the basin to fail in structure and function and would have contributed significantly to water quality degradation within West Fork. DRG was retained by the Summit County Engineer as the design-build contractor for this streambank repair project.

In March of 2020 the streambank was stabilized utilizing bioengineering methods including regrading of the bank and installation of bendway weirs, a riffle grade control structure, toe stone protection, and plantings. The streambank was built back up with material harvested from the adjacent gravel bar and graded to a stable angle of repose. Live stakes, native riparian seed, and native shrubs were planted within the project area to enhance riparian habitat and increase the longevity of the project. Tracked machinery was used in this project to reduce impacts to this sensitive aquatic ecosystem.

DRG provided project management, water resource assessments, permitting and coordination with regulatory agencies, design development, construction oversight, and planting and seeding. Marks Construction performed all construction work.

The bioengineering methods used to stabilize the bank have provided in-stream habitat and will prevent future erosion and sedimentation in this reach of stream as well as alleviating the threat to the adjacent stormwater basin.

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