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Hamline Church United Methodist, St. Paul, MN

When the Hamline Church experienced water intrusion issues, DRG was called in to build a green infrastructure project that converted parking lot spaces into a greenway path that annually absorbs 190,000 gallons of stormwater.


Project Narrative:

A former parking lot area at Hamline Church United Methodist was turned into a greenway for parishioners, church preschool classes, and neighboring Hamline University students. The church was experiencing water in the basement due to loss of curb from extensive asphalt mill and overlay in the adjacent parking lot. Project goals were to mitigate water in the basement, create gathering spaces for parishioners, outdoor classroom space for church preschool classes, and a throughway for neighboring Hamline University students. Native biodiversity, specifically geared toward pollinators, and responsible stormwater management were motivating factors behind the church’s goals for this greenway project.

Approximately 5,600 sf of asphalt, including 16 parking spaces, were removed in the demolition portion of the project. 5,250 sf of new planting area, including 2,500 sf of a rain garden, was also installed to manage their stormwater runoff. A Silva Cell tree trench also increases long-term infiltration on site. Rain garden and tree trench elements are emphasized and explained by Capitol Region Watershed District educational signs on site.

The greenway now allows for bike and pedestrian access from the church parking lot to Englewood Avenue and Hamline University. The new space also allows for outdoor classrooms, staff/volunteer meetings, and general event space within the context of sustainable urban land stewardship.

The greenway features three separate paver patios (including one permeable patio), a new concrete walkway, an underground Silva Cell tree trench system, concrete channel drains directing rooftop runoff to three rain garden basins, native plantings, poured concrete seat walls with custom Richlite bench tops, and a cedar trash enclosure. New curbs were installed on either side of the greenway to direct traffic and additional lighting was installed to increase night visibility.

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