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City of Hobart, Indiana

DRG helped the City of Hobart in Indiana control erosion at several sites using a suite of best management practices.


Project Narrative:

Beginning in 2019, Davey Resource Group (DRG) was awarded a contract with the City of Hobart for green infrastructure restoration and management. The locations for this project work include: City Hall, Hillman Park, 4th Place Ravines, North/Lake Park Swale, Old Ridge Road Rain Garden, and Deep River.

To reestablish native plants, DRG has proactively seeded, installed plugs, and planted live stakes. Overseeding has been promoted in areas that are not as environmentally friendly for native growth.

We have implemented several anti-erosion measures, such as the installation of erosion blanketing after seedings, repairing washout areas using cobblestone and rock layouts, and establishing rain water catches that drain into rain gardens. Fencing installations to negate human and wildlife impacts on newly planted plugs were also instituted.

General maintenance has been ongoing, including trash removal, mulch installation and relocation, invasive vegetation management, fall-dropped foliage removal, and pruning. Selective mowing, hand pulling and chemical application measures have been implemented in order to suppress the growth of invasives, therefore encouraging the native flora and fauna to thrive.

Regular field reports including future maintenance suggestions are created and shared with the City of Hobart to ensure management goals are being met and maintained. DRG looks forward to the continuation of this mutual partnership with the City of Hobart in beautifying their natural areas.

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