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The City of Boulder, CO

Davey Resource Group conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of Boulder, CO’s, Urban Forest Strategic Plan to ensure the plan was set up for success.

Project Narrative:

Boulder’s Urban Forest Strategic Plan (UFSP) provides long-term management goals for increasing community safety and preserving and improving the health, value, and environmental benefits of this natural resource. The structure of the UFSP is based on the understanding of what we have, what we want, how we get there, and how we are doing. This structure, referred to as adaptive management, is commonly used for resource planning and management and provides a good conceptual framework for urban forest programming. 

To this end, Davey Resource Group, Inc. conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of (1) the existing urban forest resources, including composition, value and environmental benefits; (2) community vision, including those expressed by the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, Boulder Resiliency Plan and Boulder Climate Action Plan; (3) guiding documents, including ordinance and tree protection policies, development and construction standards, and preservation requirements; and (4) forestry operations, including funding and current service levels for both in-house and contracted forestry staff. 

Additionally, in response to the threat of the emerald ash borer (EAB) to Boulder, DRG provided strategies for EAB management, detailed existing management efforts underway in Boulder, and summarized key information on the pest.

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