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When a land development project, like a housing subdivision, highway widening, or other construction work, disturbs natural resources, state and federal agencies require mitigation to compensate for the loss of that resource within the same watershed. If your land matches the criteria for this type of project, it may be suitable for a mitigation site.

Davey has extensive experience partnering with landowners and understands the importance of maintaining these natural resources. From evaluation and project design to long-term management, Davey can help you protect the valuable natural resources on your land while enabling connections to multiple potential revenue streams.

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Mitigation Bank Credits

Bank Credits

Our team can work with developers to purchase their credits at the best cost and successfully navigate the permitting process

Mitigation Custom Solutions

Custom Mitigation Solutions

Davey offers custom mitigation solutions for developers and landowners, including permittee responsible mitigation projects, turnkey mitigation, full-delivery mitigation solutions, and more. 

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Mitigation Banking

Prince William County, VA Mitigation Bank Deemed Successful By USACE

Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. constructed and monitored a 230-acre wetland bank in Prince William County, Virginia which was approved as successful by the USACE in 2005.
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Mitigation Banking

Stream Restoration In Fairfax County, VA Revitalizes Natural Habitats

Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. restored 11 miles of streambank using natural channel design techniques, resulting in the first dedicated stream bank in Virginia.
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Mitigation Banking

Wetland Mitigation On Former Cattle Pasture In The D.C. Metro Area Reestablishes Natural Habitats

Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. created, restored, and enhanced 375 acres of wetlands, 3.5 acres of open water, 81 acres of preserved wetlands, and 216 acres of preserved or reforested upland buffers along the Cedar Run in Virginia.
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